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Exclusive Half-Day Parenting Workshops

For over nine years now, Sheyne has been working with families to help them restore peace, harmony and sleep into their homes via the use of a series of packages.

These include:

  • 5 day in house stays
  • 2 and 3 day in house stays
  • Full routine management via the phone
  • Simple one hour consultations.

Each one of these packages has been handled exclusively by Sheyne to ensure the highest quality of care is taken to achieve sleep quickly and permanently for each family. While Sheyne is insistent that the integrity of her intervention with each family is never compromised, working one on one does make Sheyne helps often quite a wait for most families. This is obviously why Sheyne success rate remains at 99% nine years into her business.

Being a reliable form of assistance so people can trust her reputation remains the number one priority for Sheyne, as she Endeavour’s to stay with each family until they are resolved. This is a unique service within the industry but Sheyne is adamant that when people come to find a solution, they can regain a sense of hope.

After nine years of one on one work, Sheyne has mastered her skills and strategies to enable her to take on small groups of five to ten families for her half day parenting workshops while still maintaining the excellent results of her 1:1 service.

Sheyne’s most recent workshop group have agreed to share their experience with other families sourcing a solution to sleep time challenges.

This small group of six sleepless families with little ones aged 6-12 months of age suffering with various degrees of sleep time difficulties ranging from hourly wakings, to hours of crying through the night were invited to join the Sydney workshop run on the 7th of July, 2007.

Each family had an initial one hour consultation where Sheyne was able to identify the areas in the day responsible for the stress their children were experiencing at sleep time.

Each family then kept a sleep diary for a week before sending them through to Sheyne to be analyzed.

From there, each family had an individual program developed for them to cater for each families unique dynamics and individual needs.

On the 07/07/07 these families traveled from all over the country to a beautiful hotel in North Sydney where they would enjoy spectacular views, amazing food, an in-depth training session into the world of sleep and happy babies and get walked through their new sleep plans.

Each family left at the end of the day feeling excited and confident and returned home to implement their new sleep time strategies.

All six families were all experiencing uninterrupted sleep for between 11 and 12 hours ever night with a matter of one to three days, and one month on can still hardly believe the change a single day could make to their lives.

The most amazing thing to each one of these families is that Sheyne’s prediction of their baby loving their sleep so much that their biggest challenge they would face would be keeping them awake as they tuck them in and say goodnight was in fact TRUE.

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