Sheyne Rowley - The Australian Baby Whisperer - Positive Routine Management


Welcome to The Australian Baby Whisperer forums!

These forums have been designed to provide support and networks for parents like you who are sourcing out solutions to night and daytime sleep disturbances.

Please feel free to use these forums to discuss topics of interest, inform parents of local resources that you have found effective and their contact details or just browse and be reassured that what you are experiencing is common and entirely normal.

Unfortunately, Sheyne is so busy that she does not have time to read all the posts. We request you don't use this venue as a way of communicating with Sheyne directly, rather make connections with parents experiencing what you're going through and she will drop in time to time to offer info about specific developmental areas and how they impact sleep.

Sheyne Rowley - channel 7 Sunrise. Read transcripts from her appearances.
Read about grateful clients campaign to deliver a message of hope to mothers around the world.
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