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About Sheyne

Sheyne RowleySheyne has been working with families and their children for 16 years. For the last 10 years she has been the owner of the wildly successful hands-on consulting service now famous for providing individualised sleep solutions to get babies sleeping very quickly... where all other methods have failed! Sheyne's remarkable 99% success rate has changed families' lives all over the world.

As a young child Sheyne demonstrated an extraordinary gift for not only settling children but also understanding their unique language of cries and body language. Initially studying Creative Activity in Early Childhood, she continued her education in Early Childhood Development for a further two years to attain her Associate Diploma in Social Science.

Sheyne then began to travel the Globe and combined working in the home environment with temporary teaching positions; however it was her work with the families of the Multiple Birth Society in London that would see her managing family sleep time and behavioural issues in the home.

After years working overseas and teaching children in over 100 schools throughout London, Sheyne refined her behaviour management strategies, enabling her to provide a consistent language structure catering for each child's unique strengths and needs. Sheyne returned to Australia in 1996 and continued to sharpen her focus on sleep management, while providing community service for low-income families with twins and triplets. By providing this benefit, Sheyne was able to greatly refine her skills.

News of her Sheyne's unique talents spread within Australia, Singapore, Canada, USA, the UK and South Africa resulting in calls from all corners of the Globe pleading for advice on how to help settle children and establish an effective daily routine. Her television and radio appearances have generated interest in her techniques across Australia; Sheyne's success caught the attention of Channel 7's 'Sunrise' program (Australia) in 2003 and has remained a regular guest on their show. Each 'Sunrise' appearance generating tens of thousands of e-mails and have resulted in more than 350,000 hits on Sheyne's website,

Sheyne Rowley - channel 7 Sunrise. Read transcripts from her appearances.
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